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Regular Domestic Cleaning Advice

It would be beneficial to both the client and the cleaner, if you would take the cleaner, through the house, room by room and specify what is required to be done in each room. Office Cleaner Ltd will provide you with a task sheet.

It would be considerate to allow a house cleaner on her first visit to become accustomed to a new environment and a new client so a reasonable acclimatisation period is suggested.

If it were to become necessary to make changes to the initially agreed routine, you must communicate directly with the home cleaner.

For health & safety reasons please ensure that all electrical and other equipment which will be used by the house cleaner, is in good working order and safe to use.

All domestic cleaners have been given general instructions in the operation and use of electrical cleaning equipment, but the machines do vary from one make to another, so it would be helpful if some guidance were given to the home cleaner on operating electrical equipment.

Considering that a very high percentage of accidents are caused in the home, please do not ask the cleaner to stand on, climb on inappropriate chairs, items of furniture, and other items to reach above head height, if a step-ladder that is designed for specific use is being used, a capable person must be present.


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