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How to Clean Gravy Stains From Your Carpet

Christmas is a time for festivities and quality time with the whole family. Of course, with festive spirits comes the occasional over-zealousness, which leads to spills on the carpet during Christmas dinner.  It couldn’t have come at a worse time, because carpet stains should be acted on immediately, but you’re far too busy playing host to a big crowd.

The most common stain that appears on carpets over Christmas is probably wine.  However, coming in at a close second place is gravy. With all that gravy sloshing about and covering that all important roast dinner; it’s no surprise that some of it will end up on the floor.

But when it does happen, it’s good to know these carpet cleaning tips on how to treat it:

  • First you should wipe up as much of the excess gravy as possible. You will notice that a stain will probably have been left on the carpet.
  • The stain can be removed if you gently sponge the stain with warm water and a little bit of mild detergent.
  • You can then rinse the stain and soak up the moisture by blotting with a clean towel.

Little spot cleaning techniques like this are easy enough to do yourself, but if you find that you have a multitude of different splatters over your lovely carpet then you should call a cleaning company London to come and work their magic.  Carpet cleaners London can tackle carpet cleaning services on piles that are in really horrific condition with no problems at all.  Carpet cleaning London involves either steam cleaning methods or dry cleaning, depending on the type of fabric.  So if you’re in dire need of a Christmas miracle, call a carpet cleaning company in London.

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