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Disclaimer at Office Cleaner Ltd:

This website is owned only by our company and it is very important to read our disclaimer if you wish to continue navigating our website. This will explain the limitations of the liability of our company whenever you use our website and the information which it contains.

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However, there are certain things which you need to understand. There are certain risks which you need to understand if you utilize the information provided on our website. Our company is constantly doing the best to find realistic approaches to ensure the functionality of our website.

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All the elements including the visuals, graphics and texts presented on our website are exactly what they are and we cannot provide you with any kind of assurance or guarantee that it will always be concise; it may or may not fit the purpose which you are intending to find and any third party products, logos, images, text of that sort are not recommended, advised, guaranteed or authored by our company.

Our commercial cleaning company will not be held responsible if in case you acquire any form of damages when accessing or using our site in any way possible.  Even if you directly, indirectly, consequentially or even specially access our website and acquire the said damages, our company will still not be held responsible.

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