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Deep Carpet Cleaning London Following Birthday Parties

All year, you have been promising your young children a birthday party. Finally that time has come and your fridge and freezer are now packed full of snacks and treats for your children and their friends.

But as soon as the party starts, you begin to realise what a mess is going to be made. Already, there are crisps being crushed into the carpet, fizzy drinks being spilled onto the rug and worst of all, ice cream being dripped and dropped everywhere.

Most stains and spillages, you can clean up fairly easily, so long as you treat them in time. But ice cream is a tough one to deal with because it’s sticky and also, it can start to smell if left for too long.

You need to get to an ice cream spillage as soon as possible and begin by scraping up any excess ice cream from the carpet, then blot the liquid up. You then need to rinse the area with cold water and then blot it with a mixture of detergent and water. This should remove the majority of the stain.

But, following a children’s party, it may be a better idea to call in a carpet cleaning company London.

These carpet cleaning companies have the equipment as well as professional products to tackle any stain that you are struggling to remove.

They will carry out a thorough and deep clean that will leave your carpet looking as good as new; until next year’s party that is!

These companies offer professional carpet cleaning and the work is done by trained and experience carpet cleaners in London.

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